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Determining if there’s a problem is an essential first step. We can help you prepare for difficult conversations with your child about their possible (or current) substance use. If there IS a problem, we will guide you through the entire recovery process. 

No. While our course contains valuable information, there are other opportunities for learning and connecting throughout the site. Check out our Calendar of Events, Library of Resources, and Peer Community. Use our platform in the way that’s most helpful for you. You can return to the course anytime.

No. We understand that our members may want to access information in a nonlinear way. If your child needs immediate treatment, you may want to bypass the prevention module, at least for the time being. Feel free to engage in the lessons most applicable to your child’s current situation. Explore the course in a way that feels right for you.

You can take the course on your own timetable. The lessons can be reviewed in order and in their entirety, or individually in any order. Some are longer than others. If you feel like skipping a module or lesson altogether, you can always return to it anytime.

When it comes to substance use disorder, there are many unknowns. Recovery is a lifelong process and one that cannot be guaranteed. But evidence shows that addiction is a treatable disorder. Our platform will educate parents and family members on how to more effectively manage the challenges of recovery and help create a positive environment in which recovery can flourish.


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